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About us

Our mission is to protect your content

LeakID brings together all the needed solutions for an effective, comprehensive and bespoke protection of all your works. We are always creating new solutions by analyzing pirates' techniques and we work every day to protect and preserve artistic creation. Today, the company consists of passionate employees, experts in their fields, all pursuing the same goal: to offer to all our customers the highest level of protection, whatever the content to protect. On a daily basis, our teams put their technical and strategic expertise at the service of protecting your content and against copyright infringement. Through rigorous processes and innovative technologies, we detect, report and de-indexing illegal links detected daily, to allow you to focus on the launch and the life of your works.

Our solutions

We detect and remove 99,8% links of pirated content. Everywhere, continuously.

With its full range of bespoke tools, LeakID makes sure your content is protected on the Internet. We developed innovative technologies and rigorous processes to secure your content and delete and deindex infringing copies. Our goal? To provide the highest level of security on the market.

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We already have detected and removed pirated contents, and counting.